You're about to register for our afterschool enrichment program. 

PAUSE! Did you call to verify our space availability?  Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Students aren't enrolled until approved by our administration department.

Afterschool Program Includes:

*Monday -  Friday 

*Until 6:30pm

*Open on early release days

*Afternoon snack

*Enriched learning instruction

*Homework support

*Independent & group activities

*Grades pre-K through 5th grade

Afterschool Rates:

*Full-time $60 (3 days or more)

*Part-time $15 per day (1 or 2 days) 

Parents must request transportation at your student's school and is not arrange through our center.

Click here to apply for the alternate stop option through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Please note that transportation to alternate stops (e.g. afterschool care, etc) does not carry over from the previous year and must be approved through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  These stops must be requested each year and the alternate stop location needs to be within the attendance boundary.

Alternate stops for non-Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools must be arranged through the school.